An individual’s need will drive their behaviour and sometimes this results in aggressive and challenging behaviours. PART Training has been provided across Australia since 1989 and has been recommended by WorkCover to organisations to be pro-active in the prevention and management of these behaviours.

It has been designed to assist staff to respond appropriately and confidently to aggressive behaviours. PART Training meets the duty of care pertaining to safety, OSH, Industry Standards, legal and ethical responsibilities toward clients and staff.

PART Training includes a number of preventative measures including verbal de – escalation and physical evasion techniques. Using the Assault Cycle it is possible to predict an individual’s aggression.

After an incident, staff will be required to document the details and follow any specific processes in place. PART Training teaches this and the importance of debriefing and evaluation of skills post incident.

All of these things assist in the continuous improvement of safety of staff and individuals.