Having your own highly skilled Manutention Trainer is a beneficial and cost effective way to maintain a safe workplace.

  • Identify hazards and apply the Risk Management Process.
  • Use of ergonomics in workplace design and equipment.
  • Causes and prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorder.
  • Adopt self protective behaviours.
  • Adopt 9 Manutention Fundamental Postures and Actions (FP&A)
  • Designed for movement with comfort, ease and safety.
  • Correct use of assistive equipment.
  • Manutention is compatible with minimal or no lift policies.
    • Manutention has a strong biomechanical basis enhanced by the study of human movement, weightlifting and abseiling.
    • Training is specific to working with people with a range of physical disabilities. The course will teach you essential skills for working with all ages, and assistive equipment.

Course Summary

The course is run over 16 - 20 weeks.
The course has 2 levels of achievement: Coach and Trainer
3 blocks of 4 cays contact training in Perth with Level 4 Manutention Trainsers
6-8 weeks break between blocks to integrate new learing into workplace practice and develop skills.
Worplace Training Session.
Access to email and telephone support from L4 Manutention trainers