At Manual Aid Training we aim to provide a range of courses to suit the needs of Western Australian businesses covering various topics such as: health care, aged care and working with loads.

We seek to increase both individual and business knowledge / skills in order to minimise the risk of injury related to manual tasks and preserve the best quality of life for the idividual and maximum independence of the clients.

Participants who are attending accredited courses will start at Level 2 and proceed to level 3 or 4 depending on the outcome desired.

• Level 2 courses in both People Handling and Industrial Loads are designed for the general workforce and produce one to one workplace coaches.

• Level 3 courses are designed for those wanting to become workplace trainers for groups of people.

• Level 4 courses are for those people wishing to become accredited Manutention trainers. Level 4 trainers can provide training as an independent trainer.

The accredited courses are generally 4 days each in length.

For further information regarding the courses that we offer please see the individual course pages or alternatively select a section below.