Manutention is one of the most incredible solutions to manual tasks training that I have seen and I believe it is something that will take off across all industries in Australia. Currently training has been largely concentrated in the acute hospital setting but is quickly spreading across many industries as the benefits of Manutention have been recognized as the way of the future in caring for employees and employers alike. It is truly amazing how much easier and safer tasks can be completed with manutention training.

Manual Aid Training came into being to help fulfill the ever growing need of many specialized workplaces to keep up with the changing laws and regulations pertaining to workers and client’s safety. It is our aim that with the appropriate training everyone can be assured of a safe and relaxed working environment. To that end we are committed to providing skills based training of self-protective behaviours within the OSH framework for all persons undertaking manual tasks in the workplace or home.

We seek to provide specialized and individual training services specific to the needs of health care workers, education assistants, day center workers, home help, domestic, office, garden and handyman staff in order to minimize the risk of injuries related to manual tasks and promote the best quality of life for the individual worker and maximum independence of the clients. This aim is achieved through the use of the nine manutention fundamental postures and actions in conjunction with natural movement patterns and equipment.

The aim of Manual Aid Training is to expand our services to include a wider range of industries that primarily deal with loads. We seek to do this by conducting training in manutention techniques and skills in order to provide a safe and effective means of moving loads and working as part of a team. In doing so we hope to change the attitudes and behaviours of workers in order to promote skills that enhance their safety and quality of work, as well as transferable skills to improve their general health and quality of life outside of the working environment.

At Manual Aid Training we believe that knowing how to respond in an emergency is vitally important, so we offer a wide range of first aid and CPR courses and refreshers which are available in our training venues or in your own workplace. This is another way that Manual Aid Training is committed to helping make a difference and providing for your needs.