My Name is Dee Beech and I am the principal trainer for Manual Aid Training. I am qualified and experienced in the Mautention Method of Manual tasks training. I am committed to providing safety education and awareness and because of this all of my courses have a risk management component. I am a L4 Manutention trainer with vast experience in aged care, homecare, disability (4years old to adult), mental health and nursing.

I am a qualified First Aid and CPR trainer. I hold current IV Training and Assessment TAE40110, Police Clearance, Working with Children check, TEACCH, {Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication Handicapped children}, P.A.R.T., {Predict, Assess, Respond To aggressive / challenging behaviours}, Senior First Aid and CPR qualifications enabling me to deliver many accredited and non accredited courses.

It is my aim to provide encouragement and support to everyone who undertakes a Manual Aid Training course but ultimately each participant has a responsibility to make every effort to maintain satisfactory progress throughout the sessions, receiving the fundamental training from me will ensure that every participant has the ability to do so.

Each participant will receive an evaluation form at the end of the session. They are anonymous and I appreciate positive and constructive feedback. You may put your name at the top if you wish for me to address your feedback personally. This is one way I show my commitment to delivering service of excellence.

In 2000 when I first started working for the Education department I was employed as an Enrolled Nurse. In 2002 my role changed when I was employed as a permanent full time Education Assistant at a support school for students with physical and intellectual disability [from 4 years to 18 years of age]. Whilst in the early years of my employment I became involved in the Hydrotherapy program which meant I was responsible for the care of a variety of students both in wheelchairs and out.

I completed Hydrotherapy and P.A.R.T. Programs and worked with difficult and aggressive students and was instrumental in bringing about changes to the swimming Curriculum, I taught the students to blow bubbles, to float and to swim all of which entailed a vast number of challenges. It was at this time that I saw a distinct need for improved handling of students and my interest in becoming a Manutention {Manual Handling} trainer began.

After a life changing resuscitation experience and being grateful for my medical training during this time, it was at this moment that I decided that first aid ought to be accessible to everyone and I became a first aid trainer to help make one of my dreams a reality. I am on my way to achieving this goal by devising programs as a community service offering first aid to everyone.

In 2007 I became the schools’ Manual Handling Trainer, as part of my passion and training I became responsible for designing and delivering a unique range of training that is specific to Special Needs Schools and their students’ requirements. One aspect of this was to develop a non verbal communication system to enrich the students’ interactions with others. I was responsible for a variety of tasks including the development of social stories and using a picture language as a visual language system teaching the students and staff many new skills as well as increasing their confidence and abilities to effectively communicate with others.

In my role as Manual Handling Trainer I was responsible for all aspects of training for the staff, teaching them to be up to date and have appropriate skills which include knowing how to use equipment and how to implement protective behaviours effectively.

As I continue to develop and broaden my training skills, it has enabled me to be very flexible in my approach to workplace training. From this I have developed many training programs and am able to deliver Australian Accredited and non accredited courses to support specific industry needs. I am a competent trainer of Manutention, First Aid, TEACCH and P.A.R.T. techniques. Whilst my passion is disability, the knowledge and principals of my expertise is easily adapted to any workplace environment.

I have been training various work groups and individuals for some time now and am experienced in many aspects of the training industry. I deliver all aspects of First Aid and Manutention training and offer an understanding of the benefits of being proficient in each area of knowledge therefore helping the workforce to be more productive and provide a safer environment for all.

I conduct regular workplace assessment sessions in order to minimize risk to everyone within the workplace and ensure participants’ generic skills are to the highest level of excellence enabling that proficiency is maintained with all the workplaces’ current equipment and the safety of staff and clients’ are always met.

I Train staff to use specific equipment as this is an important aspect of Manutention along with the correct body postures, knowing the how’s, what’s, when’s and whys make working safer, easier and enjoyable. Having up to date First Aid knowledge and confidence is a necessary aspect of so many workplaces and I am happy to tailor any training to suit your workplace needs.

As part of my commitment to providing up to date, relevant, effective and achievable training programs to the workplace; I attend regular professional development courses and will always continue to improve and adjust training courses to suit the needs of employers, employees, students and clients’.

I am committed to the future, and any training package is never too big or too small to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of workers and clients alike and I pride myself on being able to recognize individual workplace needs and assist in making the changes happen.

I look forward via my training packages to assist you in creating a better future for all.